Ever since the university chapter of my life came to a close, I rarely find any reason to make my way up North. Unless, of course, it is for the sole purpose of (professionally) stuffing my face. The Maginhawa area behind UP Diliman, along with the various “Ma-”  side streets connected to it, is a perfect destination for such trips. Long a favorite for students, Maginhawa is studded with many hidden gems that serve cheap but delicious food. You can spend an entire day here hopping from restaurant to restaurant and café to café, loosening your belt after every stop.

π Breakfast and Pies, from the people behind Pino, caters to fans of good food and all-day breakfasts.

The most recent addition to the array of restaurants in the area is π Breakfast and Pies. The Pino Group’s newest venture is strategically positioned next to the original Pino and Pipino branches. They’ve taken over almost the entire building. It seems like the group wants to give diners more choices on what to eat, without them having to look elsewhere. Imagine starting the day with a hearty breakfast from π, following that up with a protein-packed lunch at Pino, going back to π again for merienda, and then capping the day off with a healthy vegetarian dinner at Pipino.




It’s hard to choose what to order when everything sounds so delicious.

The interiors fit the food they serve. Everything’s pretty and stylish, but also laid-back and unintimidating. The menu is well thought out, and the atmosphere is relaxed. First timers may even find it hard to choose what to order since everything sounds so delicious. There are no fancy-schmancy words on the menu (aside from the π in their name, that is),  all the dishes are named simply and straight to the point.


π’s Crack Pie is a close carbon copy of Momofuku Milk Bar’s version.

A number of items in π’s menu, such as the Compost Cookies, Cereal Milk, and the notorious Crack Pie, are inspired by the items served at the Momofuku Milk Bar. While I have never been to New York, I’ve been told that π’s Crack Pie is a pretty close carbon copy of Momofuku Milk Bar’s. After trying it out, I now understand why it is named that way.

Cereal Milk (PHP 125 / PHP 145 with cornflakes)
Huevos Rancheros (PHP 275)
Kitayama Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa with Garlic Kimchi Fried Rice and a 6-minute Egg (PHP 225)
Crack π (PHP 155/slice)

Aside from their dine-in menu, π also sells various types of  homemade bread, like the Ricotta Ensaymada or the Bombolonis (Italian doughnuts), for diners to bring back home.


Though it’s still new, π Breakfast and Pies operates like it’s been happily serving hungry breakfast lovers for years. This isn’t surprising considering the people behind it, and its close ties with established restaurants Pino and Pipino. It’s not perfect, though. The service, in particular, still needs a bit of improvement, but given that the place is still in its soft opening stages, I’m willing to let it pass. One thing I can definitely say for sure is that I found the long trip to π worth it, and I wouldn’t mind coming back for a second round.

Have you been to π Breakfast and Pies? Which dishes did you enjoy the most? Could π’s pies (yeah, that isn’t confusing at all) possibly start a new trend in the Philippines? How do you feel about a restaurant named after the Greek letter π? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

π Breakfast and Pies
39 Malingap Street,
Teachers Village, Quezon City
Store Hours: 7am-10pm daily

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  1. Kitayama Wagyu Beef Sirloin Tapa with Garlic Kimchi Fried Rice and a 6-minute Egg!!!!

  2. Oh, I went here a couple weeks back! The dishes are pretty inventive and I loved teh Crack Pie! Kinda sorta reminded me of the mango torte crust from Dulcelin, actually. 😛 The bread was really good too. 😀

  3. Been wanting to try this place for a while now, but I’ve been too lazy to make the trek to Teacher’s Village. This review gives me a little bit more motivation. Let’s see.

    I must point out, though, that Compost Cookies and Crack Pie are registered trademarks of Momofuku Milk Bar, so π are technically not allowed to use those names for their products. Cereal Milk is still fair game, because Milk Bar claims it as their trade mark, but it isn’t registered yet with the Patent Office.

    1. They probably skirted copyright infringement by using π instead of the word pie . 🙂

  4. Other great stuff on the menu include their Eggs Benny and Cornedbeef belly! (the champorado was odd, it had cream cheese.)

  5. Naks! Writing na, photography pa. Question: how does their Kimchi Rice compare against Wildflour’s?

    1. Wildflour’s is more buttery, but both are pretty similar. Lasang-lasa yung kimchi, so both are great. I think the only diff between this one’s and Wildflour’s is the cut of the meat used since Wildflour’s uses short rib or steak. In terms of serving, the one in Wildflour is larger and the egg is runnier. 🙂

  6. The tapa w/ kimchi rice look delicious! Gonna try this out before the semester ends!

  7. The tapa w/ kimchi rice look delicious! Gonna try this out before the semester ends!

    1. Yeah, I saw that in the bread area but was too full to try! Will definitely grab one on my next visit 😀 thanks for the reco!

  8. Love love love the food, but as I complained in last week’s pepper eats, I don’t like the tiny and shallow faux wood bowls they use for some of the rice dishes. 🙁

    (also, I had to look up how to type π on my keyboard)

    1. Hehehe. I had to copy the π from Google, and paste it throughout the whole piece :))

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