Always Use Day-Old Rice for Fried Rice

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Like most Asian culinary cultures, fried rice is an important part of Filipino cuisine. It’s a dish so versatile that there’s an endless amount of versions you can make with just the leftovers in your pantry. To make good fried rice, the most important ingredient you will need is day-old rice.

Why use old rice for fried rice?

Good fried rice is defined by one crucial element: the buhaghag factor. Fried rice should always be loose and scattered so each individual grain can be stir-fried to perfection. You want each grain to cook in the heat, spices, and flavors. This makes day-old rice perfect because its grains are firmer, looser, and easier to separate. In short, buhaghag.

What happens when you use freshly cooked rice?

Ever eat a restaurant that serves fried rice and it’s not up to par with even the most basic kanto tapsi spots? A common reason why a lot of restaurants have bad fried rice is that they use freshly cooked rice.

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