How to Minimize Oil Splashing

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Whether you’re a pro chef, home cook, or a total newbie, you most likely have had oil splash on you. You fry hotdog early in the morning and have oil marks on you for breakfast. You’re deep frying crispy pata and the oil that explodes almost turns you into Two-Face.

It doesn’t matter how or when it happens, it’s annoying and painful for everyone. There are a lot of reasons why oil splashes happen and most of those reasons involve moisture.

Water and oil don’t get along!

Even the smallest drop of water can turn into an explosive splash of pain the second it comes into contact with hot oil. This is due to the burst of steam that rises when the water molecules rapidly evaporate.

And here’s the bad news: everything you cook has some amount of moisture in it. But the good news is you can do things to lessen this problem.

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