Why Fresh Panko is Superior to Grocery Panko

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Japanese breadcrumb or panko has slowly become part of everyday Filipino cooking due to its affordability and crispy texture. Nowadays, you’re likely to see carinderia fish fillet with panko breading as often as you would see fried chicken with flour breading.

What was once a premium Japanese ingredient is now available in almost every grocery store. But did you know that you can make your own panko at home? Panko that is not only fresh but also a lot crispier than the dried panko found in groceries?

What’s the difference between fresh and dried?

The packaged panko sold in groceries is what is referred to as dried panko. It is made out of white bread that is heated in a low electrical current in order to give it that crisp, and rough texture. Dried panko flakes are a lot smaller and tend to absorb more oil.

Fresh panko is made from the same white bread except it is used raw and, you guessed it, fresh. Fresh panko can be used straight from the blender or food processor. Its flakes are larger and more delicate, giving it a variety of textures.

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