How to Thicken Sauces with Cornstarch

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Learning to use cornstarch slurry is an essential hack every Filipino cook must know. A lot of Filipino dishes are about the thick sauce than they are about runny sabaw. That thick sauce is oftentimes smooth, rich, and should cover rice beautifully.

There are a few ways to achieve this. One is to reduce the sabaw until it concentrates and thickens. Another way is to slow cook the dish until the fat of the meat renders and thickens the sauce. Both methods will take some time and patience which not everyone will have. This brings us to the cornstarch slurry.

Using cornstarch slurry is a surefire way to turn your watery sauce into a thick sauce that Filipinos love. You get the desired texture minus the long wait!

Turning sabaw into sauce? What is this sorcery?

Cornstarch slurry is a simple thickening mixture made of cornstarch and liquid that’s either made of water or broth.

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