How Much Capital Do You Need and How Much can you Make?

Can a small home-based food business in the Philippines make money? And how much do you need to start one?

What you'll learn in this course for small food businesses in the Philippines:

  • Why you shouldn't trust success stories about them
  • How much you need to start
  • How much you can potentially make
  • Why you shouldn't gamble your life savings on one
  • How to raise money to start your own
  • Why you will likely fail, but should still do it anyway
  • Premium Recipes
  • 🧠
    Chef Notes
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    Bookmark Recipes
  • 🍌
    Substitutions & FAQs
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    50% Discount in Merch
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Coming Soon

  • Do you need a Social Media Strategy?
  • How to Make Influencers say Yes
  • How to Send an Apology if you Screw Up
  • How to Hire your First Employee
  • How to Deal with Hard Customers
  • How to Prevent Burning Out
  • How to Know When to Quit

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