People say that greasy food makes dealing with hangovers easier. Post-Christmas hangovers, after inevitably drinking too much with (or because of) your family, is no different. But don’t worry, we have a (tasty) solution for you right here. Wake up hungry at 2pm? Make sliders. Make sliders using the leftover Hamon and Quezo de Bola from your Noche Buena.

If you want to make it a little more fancy, steal that lamb reserved for New Year’s Eve and grind it up for the patty. Just make sure you’re not caught, and that it’s 25-30% fat.

Ramon Lamb Burger2

You can opt to make your own Black Pepper Ensaymadas, perhaps the day before, whilst still sober. Or just steal a few from your kapitbahay.

Ramon Lamb Burger3

Speaking of Ensaymada, is it just me, or are all these new kinds of Ensaymada (care of the new trend) seem to be more like mamon? I remember the Ensaymada back when I was young were soft stringy brioche that separate and unfurl when you bite. They had great  crusts too, they weren’t sponges.

Ramon Lamb Burger1

Ensaymada Lamb Burger Sliders

Total Time: Overnight | Yield: 2 sets of 3-piece sliders

Ingredients for the Lamb Patties

Ingredients for the Black Pepper Ensaymadas

Ingredients for the Fries

Other Ingredients


  1. For the patties, mix everything together well with your hands. Do this the night before. Weigh each patty, 100g each would be a hefty morning-after portion. It’s your choice on how heavy you want yours to be.
  2. Pan-grill the lamb patties with a little oil brushed on a heavy skillet at approximately 2 minutes per side. Don’t worry, you’re gonna put it inside the oven anyway.
  3. For the Black Pepper Ensaymada, soak the yeast in the milk for 10 minutes. Then, add all the ingredients except the (first) butter. Mix with a dough hook attachment for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave to proof for 45 minutes. Divide the dough into 6 portions/balls, leaving it to proof again for 15 minutes. Flatten the balls with a rolling pin. Roll them into a rope shape, and then twist to an ensaymada shape. Proof again for another 10 to 15 minutes. Mix the egg yolk and (the second) melted butter to brush on the dough. Crack some pepper on top. Bake the ensaymada at 360° F or 180° C for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. For the Fries, place potatoes in a pan with oil and water. Cook over medium heat until water dissipates. Let it cool. Before serving, sauté in butter and oil until crisp on all sides and season.
  5. Slice the ensaymada and arrange the ham slices and chives on one half. Place the patties in a skillet, top with quezo de bola and gratin in the oven or broiler. Stack the patty, and then the other half of the ensaymada, on top of the ham and chives. Skewer the slider to keep everything in place.
  6. Have another cold bottle of Dos Equis. Or two.

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