All The Knorr Combinations You Used to Eat When You Were a Kid

Knorr Liquid Seasoning has become part of the Filipino sawsawan canon over time. On tables from homes to restaurants, it has found a place nestled in between toyo and suka, with its distinct flavor decorating unadorned dishes that need a kick of umami, or acting as a base with calamansi as its partner. Eating everything with Knorr is a habit from your childhood no one can seem to shake, so we asked Pepper readers to write in and reminisce. Here are some of the best ways people used to eat Knorr as kids, which you can still do today.


We say scrambled eggs, but honestly, we mean any eggs, cooked any style. Waking up to a plate in the morning, meant shaking some Knorr on top of your plain eggs to add a much-needed jolt of lasa. People would take it a step further and add it to rice too, for an instant sinangag.


The most classic example of this potent combination would be Ate Rica’s, loved by LaSallians, and now a growing franchise behemoth. Their cheese-Knorr sauce would be poured over their iconic bacsilog, transforming their little paper bowl into magic. Any silog will work too, but there’s something about the salty-on-salty-on-salty trio of bacon + cheese + Knorr that reminds one of their good old college days.


Don’t tell me you’ve never done this before: replace the unknown packets of your pancit canton or instant ramen with a few shakes of Knorr. It adds umami that’s similar to soy sauce, but in a world entirely its own. The way the Knorr clings into the crevices of the curly noodles brings out the unique qualities of the seasoning even more.


A few readers popped up with this suggestion, even though we’ve never heard of it before. This DIY recipe has different variations too, with someone saying that the addition of a little oyster sauce makes this taste exactly like McDonald’s famed barbeque sauce. It’s the Knorr that brings all of the flavors together, somehow making the dip full-bodied and smoky.

Knorr with Hot Sauce and Banana Ketchup on Fried Chicken

Filipinos love eating fried chicken with ketchup as much as they love dousing it in gravy. Using banana ketchup makes it even more singular to our adolescence, reminding us of birthdays and chicken lollipops. The best way to enhance banana ketchup is by mixing in a generous amount of hot sauce to cut all that sweetness, and adding enough Knorr to make saltiness prevail over banana ketchup’s saccharine qualities.

What are your favorite ways to eat Knorr? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Knorr Seasoning with Calamansi on a bowl of hot Nido Oriental Soup with Whisked Egg! Knorr Seasoning with Century Tuna. Knorr Seasoning on Hot Rice.

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