Spice & Cleaver Makes Banging Sausages

We have been hearing a lot of good things about Spice & Cleaver’s sausages. Despite our having become allergic to the term “artisanal”, we will make an exception here. The newest venture by the folks behind Brothers Burger and Ninak is impressive, absurdly delicious, and is the perfect running mate for October’s boozy festivities.

L: Quezo Diablo Fondito (PHP 280) | R: Farmers Liver Paté with Candied Fruit & Garlic (PHP 290)

Our only issue—its location inside Estancia Mall, where closing hours happen when the evening is just beginning. Spice & Cleaver is the type of place where we’d love to pop by after-hours with friends, feasting heartily on their grub, and downing the meal with some great beers and gins. But everything other than that is great.

L: Pork Barrel (PHP 475) | R: Baby Back Ribs (PHP 710 for half-rack, PHP 1,290 for whole)

A diabolically spicy quezo fondito was a good choice for starter—a warm, gooey, pool of cheese with slivers of jalapeño, adding an addictive, masochistic comfort. A chunky chicken liver paté with candied fruit and garlic was mellow yet sophisticated. Pork chops and ribs came extra tender and flavorful. We are usually afraid of having pork chops because most we’ve had in Metro Manila come bland, with the sauce making up for the lack of taste, but Spice & Cleaver’s are juicy and delicious. The ribs come with a side of Mexican corn that’s so tasty they should be available separately in the menu. Their “puffizzas”, which are classic pizzas on a puff pastry dough, come toothsome, with the flaky, buttery crust adding texture and bite.

Sausages L-R (all at PHP 280 each): Pizza, Italian, Mamasan, Lamb with Olive & Feta

Now, our favorite part—the bangers. Spice & Cleaver’s sausages contain none of the synthetic stuff. The only preservative used is salt, and they come as packed as a baby’s thigh. A pizza sausage is a playful invention made with sundried tomatoes and cheese, while an Italian variant makes for its classic cousin. We are told that a sisig sausage called “The Mask” is a bestseller, but today, they make us try in its place a Lamb Sausage that’s gamey, juicy, and comes with a fruity bite thanks to the olives. If there’s something you should try, though, it’s the “Mamasan” sausage. An homage to Chiang Mai’s bold flavors, this sausage comes packed with curry flavors, a tinge of chili, and a bright addition of kaffir lime leaves.

L: Puffizza with Sardines, Anchovies, and Roasted Garlic (PHP 420) | R: Lemon Torte (PHP 310)

There have a been a number of sausage places popping up as of late, and Spice & Cleaver is definitely one that we would recommend—top of mind, even. Their playful yet creative take on the serious art of sausage making leverages the entire dining experience, making it relaxed yet remarkable. They say that they will be venturing into retail soon, selling small batches of these fantastic sausages— we absolutely cannot wait.

Have you tried Spice & Cleaver? Where’s your favorite sausage place in Metro Manila? Tell us with a comment below!

Spice & Cleaver

Address: Lower Level, North Wing, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City
Number: 703 0237
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