P500 Ribeye Steak with Mushroom and Parmigiano Risotto

Got extra budget this week? This P500 ribeye steak and mushroom and parmigiano risotto dinner for two might be for you.
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2 servings
Prep Time
20 Mins
Active Time
40 Mins

We've proven that cheap—as in P250 per person cheap—steak dinners are possible. But it's still undeniable that the higher the price range, the better the quality of steak. So here's a P500 ribeye steak with mushroom and Parmigiano risotto recipe for people who can shell out a little bit more cash.

What is Parmigiano Reggiano?
Parmigiano Reggiano (not to be confused with grocery Parm) is a hard cheese made from cow’s milk. Aged for at least two years, Parmigiano appears as a staple in many classic Italian dishes such as lasagna and risotto. Elsewhere, we use it to top soups, salads, and sauces. Its sharp and nutty flavor varies in intensity depending on its age and seasonal variety.

This entire spread made up of butter-basted ribeye steaks plus a mushroom and Parmigiano risotto only comes out at roughly P452.67 per person. It's technically mid-range, but you've got to admit that it's a pretty sweet deal and a great weekday dinner for two.

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