Aligue (Crab Fat Paste) Chili Oil Noodles

Toss your noodles in hot, fragrant, and richly flavored aligue (crab fat paste) chili oil.
2 servings
Prep Time
05 Mins
Active Time
15 Mins

Before you say "cholesterol" and run, try adding a spoonful of aligue to your next last-minute noodle situation. In the case of these chili oil knife-cut noodles, the orange paste adds a buttery, palabok-like richness and a nuanced seafood flavor to the 15-minute dish.

What is Aligue?
Aligue, or taba ng talangka, is a rich Filipino seafood paste made from the roe and fat—the reddish-yellow substance inside the back of the shell—of Asian shore crabs (talangka).

What are knife-cut noodles?

Knife-cut noodles (or dao xiao mian) come from China’s Shanxi province. As the name implies, they’re made by thinly slicing a block of stiff dough into boiling water. This forms ribbon-like noodles that are thicker and chewier than the usual hand-pulled variety. When cooked, knife-cut noodles curl and form squiggly edges.

Are knife-cut noodles available in the Philippines?

Unless your supermarket is cool, you probably won't find instant knife-cut noodles there. Check out specialty Asian groceries or online resellers instead—we ordered ours from Shopee.

If you have flour and water, you can also make them yourself!

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