Banapple-Style Banoffee Pie

We'd give this Banapple banoffee pie hack a 100% accuracy rate, but that'd be out of bias. We love it 100% though, if that counts.
one 6" pie
Wait Time
3 Hrs
Active Time
1 Hr

Banapple banoffee pie seems simple in theory. But making all those layers takes a lot of effort, from pressure-cooking condensed milk to making toffee to whipping cream to stiff peaks to shaping melted chocolate into curls. All that work will make you just want to buy the cake—and we won't blame you; that's how we felt after developing this recipe too.

But if you're up for a challenge, our hack gets you a 90% accurate Banapple banoffee pie at 100% satisfaction. You get the firm, slightly salty graham crust, the deeply rich toffee, the thick whipped cream, and the sparse but noticeable chocolate shavings in just over an hour.

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