Burong Mangga (Filipino Pickled Mango) Salsa

Burong mangga, or pickled green mangoes, makes a vividly flavored salsa with its sweet, acidic, and funky flavor.
4 servings
Prep Time
10 Mins
Active Time
05 Mins

If you're not snacking on burong mangga (Filipino pickled green mangoes) straight out of the jar, you'll often find it served as a condiment for fried or grilled food. The sourness comes straight from the unripe fruit, not vinegar—the pickling liquid is a simple brine of salt and sugar. It tastes tart, sweet, and pleasantly funky from fermentation.

What is Buro?
Buro (or buru in Kapampangan) means "preserved". It commonly refers to foods pickled with salt or brine, then stored for long periods of time until properly fermented.

The next time you make mango salsa, try using burong mangga instead of ripe fruit. That extra tartness makes a sunnier accompaniment to inihaw, pritong isda, or a big bag of chips.

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