Chicken Provençale with Linguine

3–4 servings
Wait Time
1 Hr
Active Time
30 Mins

Christmas is an opportunity to flex your cooking muscles, and give yourself a new reputation. Wow your companions with a Mediterranean dish that turns you instantly into Nigella Lawson, queen of indulgent but easy cooking, with the help of just a few quality ingredients.

Provençale = prepared with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes.

The word Provençale might sound like a mouthful, but this slow-braised plate is both approachable and impressive, and will win the hearts of your family or your officemates.


The best, bright flavors of the French coast are represented here, using Contadina’s Stewed Tomatoes, which have a generous helping of herbs that lift the product’s recipe above standard cans and bottles.

With your chicken browned and deglazed with wine, simmering it in nothing else but the tomatoes (and maybe a little sugar) leaves all their rich, slightly acidic sweetness to be the predominant profile.

While this method can often take hours to achieve results, the stewed tomatoes provide so much flavor, that just an hour of finishing up your last work emails will suffice. Finish with a knob of Contadina’s standout fresh, green, nutty and full-bodied pesto and just a few olives, and you’ll transport people to Provence.


On top of al dente linguine, dressed in nothing but pure olive oil, this potluck pleaser will be the dish everyone will want to have on your office or family Christmas feast every year.

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