Crash Landing on You Korean Fried Chicken

Make the two fried chicken styles featured in the beloved K-drama.
4 servings
Prep Time
25 Mins
Active Time
30 Mins

Welcome to our TED talk, where we argue that everybody's current obsession Crash Landing on You is basically a food show. Every episode has at least one scene where the characters are eating, to drive plot points, and provide important background. Food is driven by culture, so in CLOY, it's used to deepen the contrast between North Korea and South Korea. In the show's depiction of the North, things are slow, handmade, and often, a portrayal of adaptation and survival. In the South, we get to see fast food built for convenience and the fast-pace of an urban capital like Seoul.

While the show has an opus of dishes—from toasted rice (aka tutong) with sugar, to Captain Ri's noodles and makeshift Korean BBQ, to Gu Seung-Jun's salty porridge, and even those delicious clams with soju—the series standout star was probably Korean fried chicken. It's an export almost as famous as BTS, and what we see our beloved characters eating the most. There's that snowy cheesy chicken eaten by Se-Ri's loyal assistant and insurance manager, the crispy, life-changing chicken loved so much by Company Five, and the North Korean version shared by our main couple when they experience their first fated snow together.

Because we couldn't cook just one, we've tried our best to recreate BBQ Olive & Chicken's crispy AF fried pieces served with Korean pickles, and the sweet, whole fried chicken that Yoon Se-Ri and Ri Jyeong Hyeok shared in Pyongyang. We hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed watching #RiRiCouple.

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