Crispy Sinigang Shrimp Shells

Don’t waste your shrimp heads and shells! When deep-fried and coated in sinigang mix, they transform into an irresistible crunchy snack.
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2 servings
Prep Time
05 Mins
Active Time
10 Mins

Yes, you can eat shrimp shells! Once double-fried, they turn into a crisp potato chip-like snack that tastes great on their own, or showered over noodles and rice meals as a textural element. Make them once, and you'll never dare throw out your shrimp shells (and heads!) again.

Can you really eat shrimp shells?

Shrimp shells are edible and perfectly safe to eat. Like shrimp heads, they carry a delicious briny flavor. Their tough texture, however, makes them unpleasant to eat on their own.

Double-fry shrimp shells until crispy

When you fry them in hot oil, those tough shrimp shells turn into a crispy treat. Double frying sounds like an extra step, but it pays off dramatically by dehydrating those crisp shells further, giving them an extra brittle, glassy crunch. Plus, it only takes a minute.

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