Double Chocolate Champorado

Instead of tablea, this ultra-rich champorado gets all its flavor from dark and milk chocolate. No additional milk or sugar required.
4–5 servings
Prep Time
10 Mins
Active Time
35 Mins

This extra-chocolatey champorado does away with the distractions of milk or sugar, relying solely on two kinds of chocolate to deliver flavor. And with less ingredients (just chocolate and rice!), this version becomes simpler to make than your traditional tablea-based porridge.

A mix of your favorite dark and milk chocolate creates a rich, creamy champorado that's deeply flavored and perfectly sweetened—pure, unadulterated double chocolate in every spoonful.

History of Champorado

Filipino champorado has roots in Mexican champurrado, a hot beverage made with chocolate, sugar, milk, and masa harina, the corn flour used to make tortillas.

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