Instant Pho

This instant pho recipe builds a flavorful broth in more than half the time of a traditional pho, but it delivers a similar experience.
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4 servings
Wait Time
45 Mins
Active Time
15 Mins

There are so many things going on in pho. You've got sharp but subtle savoriness from the broth and spices, freshness from the herbs—and that's not even all of it. This complexity is achieved through hours of building the broth. But you don't always need to leave the pot on for seven hours just to get the Vietnamese soup. This instant pho gets you a light, flavorful pho, except it only takes 45 minutes to put together.

Granted, any instant pho, including ours, won't replicate the exact same experience as traditional pho. But what this recipe promises is a similar experience; one that mimics traditional pho, without the same time-consuming process. And we do this through a bouillon cube and a ton of aromatics and spices to make up for what's lost in the time.

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