Lechon-Filled Potato Croquettes

Use up your Christmas leftovers and make these lechon-centered potato croquettes.
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4 servings
Prep Time
15 Mins
Active Time
30 Mins

Here's a leftover lechon recipe that isn't paksiw: fluffy-inside, crunchy-outside croquettes. Mashed potatoes, shaped into balls, hold shredded lechon at the center. After a dredge in breadcrumbs, they're deep-fried until crispy and golden all over. Panko or Japanese breadcrumbs are the MVP here; they form a light, brittle crust that contrasts with the fluffy potato interior.

What is Lechon?
If you're serious about partying, you serve Filipino lechon (also litson) as your centerpiece: a slow-roasted suckling pig with crackling mahogany skin. Beneath the crispy skin lies tender meat, seasoned with aromatics like lemongrass and garlic. It is served either with vinegar or liver sauce for dipping.

While perfect as is, these croquettes are down for dipping, too. Serve them with mayo, tartar sauce, even that leftover sarsa that came with the lechon.

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