Milk Tea Taho

4 servings
Wait Time
4 Hrs 15 Mins
Active Time
05 Mins

Everyone seems particularly obsessed with milk tea these days—just check out the lines at Coco, and the tea wars over on Twitter.

We're just as desperate for our next Hokkaido fix as anyone else, but our clever culinary director found a way for us to have the flavors at home, with quadruple the amount of toppings in this Milk Tea Taho recipe.

If you’re a fan of pudding, then this recipe is for you. We’ve infused all the tea flavor into soy milk to create a cheat version of taho, which doubles as the popular sinker. You can fill your glass to the brim with the silky mixture, then layer with the black pearls and all its sugary syrup.

  • 4 black tea teabags, preferably Ceylon or Assam
  • 3 cups soy milk, divided
  • 2 ½ tsp gelatin
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 cups cooked black pearls, for serving

Steep tea: Add tea bags and half the soy milk into a saucepan. Heat over low-medium heat, until milk is flavored and colored, about 15 minutes. Make sure the milk does not boil.


Prepare gelatin: While tea is steeping, sprinkle gelatin over remaining half of soy milk to soften.


Make taho: Once tea is steeped, remove tea bags. Add the softened gelatin and sugar to the mixture. Reduce heat to low and stir until gelatin and sugar are dissolved. Remove from heat, let cool, then pour mixture into a large container. Let set in the fridge at least 4 hours to overnight.


Serve: Using a spoon, serve set milk tea taho in thin slivers layered with black pearls.

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