Red Horse Beer-Battered Fish

Who knew that extra-strong Red Horse could make light, crispy, and perfectly golden beer-battered fish?
2 servings
Prep Time
05 Mins
Active Time
20 Mins

Red Horse beer-battered fish sounds like a recipe you come up with after a round of Red Horse. But no joke: It works! Red Horse provides the high-alcohol carbonation required to make a crunchy, featherlight coating for fried fish—all while being affordable and easy to find.

What does beer do for the batter?

Red Horse magically turns thick, heavy batter into a crispy, cloud-like shell. Here's what makes beer so special:

  • Carbonation: When fizzy beer meets hot oil, the bubbles puff up like a balloon and create a light batter.
  • Alcohol content: Alcohol evaporates a lot faster than water. The beer boils quickly during frying, leaving behind a thin and delicate crust with a faster cooking time.
  • Temperature: Cold beer retains more carbonation and keeps your batter cool. When cold batter hits the hot oil, the temperature shock locks in the crispiness while keeping the interior moist and tender.
  • Flavor: Depending on its flavor profile, beer can impart a nice flavor to your batter. As a bonus, the beer's sugars encourage browning, too.
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