Pan-Fried Saba Bananas with Sautéed Dulong

Add texture to nilagang saging with ginamos with pan-toasted saba bananas, then top with sautéed dulong and finely diced tomatoes.
2 servings
Prep Time
1 Hr
Active Time
1 Hr

How does sweet bananas with salty fish sound?

For Brian, who first had nilagang saging (boiled sweet saba) with ginamos (fermented fish) in Cagayan de Oro, he felt weirded out. Then, after the first bite, mind-blowing astonishment—the creamy sweetness from the bananas softened the pungent fishiness from the ginamos. Proof that salty-sweet pairings always work, regardless of medium.

This recipe is Brian’s more textural take on the common snack. Pan-frying saba bananas form a toasty, caramelized surface for spooning fish over. We use preserved dulong in oil for its delicate texture and fishiness. If you’re down for a saltier punch, use your favorite blend of bagoong or ginamos.

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