Shrimp Katsu Sando

Golden and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, this fried shrimp sandwich, or katsu sando, is a shrimp lover’s dream.
Prep Time
20 Mins
Active Time
1 Hr 15 Mins

Making ebi (shrimp) katsu takes a little bit more work than pork or chicken katsu, but the results are well worth it. There’s nothing more satisfying than biting through the crisp breadcrumb crust to get to the juicy, sweet shrimp inside. When sandwiched between fluffy slices of Japanese milk bread and layered with shredded cabbage and a rich tartar sauce, it’s the perfect lunch sando.

Ebi katsu also goes well on top of rice katsudon style, or between burger buns as popularized by Japanese fast food chains like MOS Burger.

The perfect ebi katsu

The shrimp patty is made by finely mincing whole pieces of peeled and deveined shrimp, turning it into a paste. You can also quickly pulse it in a food processor to save some time. Set about half of your shrimp aside, chop them into chunks, and fold them into the minced shrimp mixture. This will add some extra texture to the shrimp katsu!

What the heck is a gherkin?

Hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise add richness to the tartar sauce, rounded out by zingy vinegar or lemon juice, and tangy, sweet gherkins. Gherkins are made from younger cucumbers, so they’re smaller and crunchier than your usual pickles, lending a more interesting texture to the tartar sauce. If you can’t find gherkins at your local supermarket, you can swap them out with cornichons (which are very similar to but not exactly the same as gherkins) or just regular, roughly chopped pickles.

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