How to Discover Great Food Business Ideas

How do you get food business ideas? And once you have them, how do you know they'll work as a business?

Finding great food business ideas shouldn't be hard. You'll learn:

  • Why you shouldn't ask your friends
  • Should you choose based on passion?
  • Why surveys might mislead you
  • How to make a list of ideas
  • Why you should never pay attention to trends
  • Why choosing downsides matters
  • Why you shouldn't lower your prices
  • The Narrowing strategy
  • 7 Ways to create an edge

You can tell when someone is lying. They avoid eye contact, hide their hands, and speak in circles. And even if you don't consciously spot these signs, your gut goes off like a fire alarm.

The frustrating part is that despite these signals, you don't get to catch them all. Lying happens in real-time. You don't get enough time to analyze every single pattern to figure out if you're getting played.

Great ideas lie. What looks great on paper doesn't always turn out well in practice. Don't believe them at face value.

You can sort of tell what the silhouette of a great idea looks like, but you're seeing it through foggy glass. And that glass will never be crystal clear—but with better thinking, you can make it clearer.

In this course, we want to reduce the fog so you can get better at spotting great ideas. Our goal is to set your personal idea alarm to only ring when it's actually found gold, not dirt.


Don't Ask Your Friends

When trying to search for ideas, most people go around knocking on friends' doors. "What's a great idea? Do you think this will work? Why do you think they're so successful?"

This will leave you confused and lost.

Most of us do a poor job at figuring out what good ideas look like. Why? Because ideas hinge on people's desires. And people's desires move unpredictably. They're so vague and weird that asking a friend "What do you want to eat for lunch?" leaves them paralyzed.

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