What Does it Take to Start Your Own Food Business?

If you've been wondering if you should start your own food business in the Philippines, we can help.

As someone who grew up eating piles of scrambled eggs, I found omelettes brilliant. They use the exact same eggs except you could fill it with any kind of junk you can think of. I would stuff those yellow blankets with all sorts of food: potatoes, tomatoes, and spam.

My obsession with eggs ran with my obsession to sell them. Every night I'd imagine an egg bar where my fellow eggpeople could line up and do wonderful things to those eggs. If you play it safe, you can go for cheese and potatoes. If you’re unhinged, you can ask for chocolate. “We will do your eggs however you want and nobody will judge you.” Dreams of my egg bar kept me awake at night. Lucky for me, I had no money to bring my idea to life. Spared me a world of pain.

And so that's probably the most primal thing you need to start your own food business: a burning desire. You must want it.

Now there's all sorts of wanting.

The worst kind is when you go to a buffet. You barge through the doors, salivate over the spread, and exhaust yourself gorging on all that food. You leave with self-loathing.

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