COOP-Inspired Cereal Toffee Crack Bars

This COOP toffee crack hack turns graham crackers into candy bars with chocolate, toffee, and cornflake cereal crunch.
one 9x13" tray
Wait Time
2 Hrs
Active Time
20 Mins

At COOP, the neon green-accented ‘phygital’ grocery at BGC, their house-branded Toffee Crack is a layered treat of chocolate, toffee, and graham crackers. Imagine a Twix bar hydraulic-pressed into a brittle-thin sheet, then shattered into crunchy, snackable shards.

The garnish on top of the toffee varies: either sea salt, chopped roasted pecans, or, in the case of the cereal-flavored Toffee Crack variant, cornflake cereal crunch.

This homemade version makes thicker, crunchier, and overall more indulgent toffee bars. While not an exact replica of COOP’s, the experience is exactly how the packet describes it: “It tastes like magic in your mouth with its sweet, crunchy, and buttery chunks.”

Make a batch, break it up, and resist eating it all in one go.

What is toffee crack?

COOP’s toffee crack has strong similarities to American cracker toffee, also called Christmas Crack for its popularity during the holidays.

According to Southern Living, cracker toffee emerged as a home cook-friendly hack for toffee, which required thermometers and candy-making know-how. Cracker toffee is way easier and simpler. Saltine or matzo crackers (think SkyFlakes) ensured a crunchy base. On top: a layer of chocolate and nuts.

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