Korean Overnight Egg Sandwich

Turn Korean soy-marinated eggs, also known as mayak eggs or "drug eggs", into an addictive egg sandwich.
4 servings
24 Hrs
Active Time
20 Mins

In Korea, hard-boiled eggs are marinated in a sweetened soy mixture to make mayak eggs, or mayak gyeran (마약계란). They get their name, which literally translates to "drug eggs", from their addictive savory-sweet flavor. One would slice the brown-tinted eggs in half, exposing jammy golden yolks, and top them over warm rice for a quick lunch.

This recipe uses the marinated eggs to make a creamy, umami-packed mayak egg sandwich. Roasted seaweed, which usually goes over the sliced eggs and rice, join the egg salad mixture with garlic, chilies, sesame seeds, and sesame oil.

For the hard-boiled eggs, you want solid yolks that are creamy, but not runny or chalky. Cook your eggs in a simmering pot of water for 8–10 minutes, then slip them into an ice bath to cool.

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