Taste Test: Top Mayonnaise Brands, from Lady's Choice to Kewpie

From Japanese superstar Kewpie to classic Lady’s Choice, we tested 7 locally available mayonnaise brands to find our favorites.

Is there a condiment more divisive than mayonnaise? Neither ketchup or mustard can fuel hatred as intensely as mayo, which spawns Reddit threads, Buzzfeed articles, and scientific discussions dedicated to how upsetting it is. When the team heard we were doing a mayonnaise taste test, gagging sounds followed.

But despite its haters, mayonnaise persists. There’s a lot of merit to the eggy condiment: it brings burgers and sandwiches to life; it binds egg and potato salads; it cuts through sisig with a creamy tang.

After this test, we’re convinced that there’s a mayonnaise out there for everyone—yes, even the haters. Maybe you’re a Kewpie person, like us. If you like your mayo tangy, an American formulation will suit you best. Or maybe nostalgia runs deep, and you want a sweet, creamy mayo that tastes like your mom’s tuna salad; Lady's Choice will win you over. We even found a mayo brand for people who like Jollibee!

How We Test

We hit up our nearest grocery store and found seven mayonnaise brands to try. Our team tasted the mayonnaises plain and as a dip for salted fries. We took notes of our impressions, evaluating each mayo’s flavor and texture.

The list below reflects the Pepper team's own views and opinions. Our top picks have been sorted into these categories:

  • Pinoy Classics
  • Pantry Must-Have
  • All-American Mayo
  • If You Love Jollibee’s Yumburger

Pinoy Classics

Mayonnaise is a simple emulsion of eggs, oil, and an acid like vinegar or lemon juice. If you’re Filipino, there’s a fourth ingredient: sugar. This gives local mayonnaise brands that distinct sweetness we all grew up with: the kind that tastes like Christmas gatherings and your tita’s chicken sandwich spread.

Lady's Choice comes in different packet sizes.

Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise

A grocery mainstay since the 1960’s, Lady’s Choice has that classic Pinoy-mayo sweetness punctuated by a bright, almost fruity tartness and subtle umami. Pair that with a rich, voluptuous texture and you have a mayo that will feel right at home in a fruit-studded macaroni salad or meaty sandwich spread. We love it!

Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise
TextureThick, creamy
FlavorSweet-tangy, fruity
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